You can ride your sub scooter solo or seated one behind the other, two people on one of our sub scooters is twice the fun! You both breathe naturally under water through a shared bubble which gives you a 360 degree view through the glass. Enjoy watching the colorful fish as you move along three meters under the Indian ocean. Travelling at a leisurely 3 km per hour you will be able to take in all the wonderful marine life.

Requirements:  Children are not allowed on sub scooter

Clothes: Swimming wear and spare clothes

Information : You need to arrive 15 minutes before starting time

For your safety and to make you more comfortable perhaps, a guide will accompany you during your 30 mins underwater cruise. After being equipped, you will be briefed during 15 minutes on the control of the sub scooter and the safety measures to be observed. The immersion is done from a hydraulic platform and once you’re back, you’re more than welcome to make use of the changing room complete with shower and lockers available on board.